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Peter Zapfella

Peter Zapfella provides counselling and a professional hypnotherapy service throughout Perth and particularly south of the river from Fremantle through Cockburn and Rockingham to Baldivis and Mandurah.

Peter has assisted thousands of people to quit smoking, overcome dependencies and addictions to alcohol, gambling, illicit and prescription drugs using hypnotherapy and Neuro linguistic Programming (NLP) since 1995.

Other treatments include weight control, depression, anxiety, panic attacks and phobia’s.

Peter Zapfella is a qualified Master and Trainer of Hypnotherapy, NLP and the Emotional Alignment Technique.

For more information how hypnotherapy, NLP, psychotherapy or counselling can assist you go to,or call Peter now on 0432 718 026 or 9535 2358. You can get in touch through the contact form here.

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  • Hypnotherapist Perth, Quit Smoking Rockingham, Phobias Counselling Cockburn, Weight Loss Fremantle, Stop Smoking Baldivis, Psychotherapy Mandurah

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    Phobias Baldivis

  • Hypnotherapist Baldivis, Hypnosis Mandurah, Phobias Counselling Perth, Weight Loss Cockburn, Stop Smoking Fremantle, Anxiety & Depression Rockingham

    Hypnotherapist Mandurah

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With more than 25 years professional experience as a hypnotherapist, and psychotherapist, Peter Zapfella has the expertise, qualifications and skill to achieve fast results, usually in just one session.

Over the many years in which Peter Zapfella has been practicing he has built up a long list of satisfied clients, who appreciate his commitment, empathy and experience.

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Quit Smoking - From Perth to Mandurah

Peter Zapfella provides A WIDE range of services:

  • Hypnotherapy
  • Neuro Linguistic programming (NLP)
  • The Emotional Alignment Technique (EAT)
  • Cyber-Band ® Hypnotherapy
  • Time Line Therapy ®
  • Psychotherapy

Counselling, for:

  • Quit Tobacco Smoking
  • Other dependencies and addictions
  • Weight Control
  • Depression
  • Anxiety and Panic Attacks
  • Phobia's and Trauma
  • and more

You can rely on the experience, expertise and knowledge of Peter Zapfella to achieve outstanding results. See the full list of qualifications and treatments at

Hypnosis Mandurah, Anxiety & Depression Rockingham, Addictions Counselling Fremantle, Quit Smoking Cockburn, Psychotherapy Perth, Hypnotherapist Baldivis Anxiety & Depression Rockingham, Addictions Counselling Fremantle, Advanced Hypnosis Baldivis, Stop Smoking Perth, Weight Loss Mandurah, Phobias Counselling Cockburn

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Phobias Counselling - From Fremantle to Baldivis

Whether you want to beat dependency and addiction, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, and phobia’s, you need someone with the qualifications, experience and dependability of Peter Zapfella.

For safe, reliable and effective hypnotherapy, with professional and discrete attention, and all at a very competitive rate, you can count on Peter Zapfella.

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To find out more about how Peter Zapfella can help with weight loss, tobacco or other addictions, through psychotherapy and counselling, please call now on 0432 718 026, or get in touch through the website.

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